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What We Do

Southern Medical Staffing is a nurse-owned supplemental healthcare staffing company.

We are dedicated to providing medical facilities with qualified healthcare professionals in an efficient and personal manner. In addition, we are committed to our clients by making them our priority and demonstrating exceptional service.


Since beginning this journey in 2007, Southern Medical Staffing has built a reputation for providing well qualified and reliable healthcare workers such as nurses, CNAs, and RTs to all different types of medical and healthcare facilities.

Medical Staffing

Here at Southern Medical Staffing, we understand the needs that medical facilities experience when it involves covering shifts and providing exceptional care to patients.

That’s why we go through the process of finding highly trained and qualified staff members to fill the needs that you have at your facilities. Contact us to learn more.

We staff a diverse group of healthcare providers in 52 cities all across Louisiana and are continuing to add new clients regularly.


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Southern Medical Staffing provides you with the flexibility to pick up shifts, earn extra money, and work at different facilities.