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Qualifications and Description of Services to
be performed by a Registered Nurse

RN/LPN Job Description

Communication Skills

  1. Report is given and received in a professional manner.
  2. Communication with physicians and other healthcare team members remains professional and appropriate.
  3. Demonstrates respect for others at all times.
  4. Helps maintain a work environment free of violence, hostility, or harassment of any kind.
  5. Demonstrates a positive attitude. Any complaints or problems are presented professionally through the chain of command.

Job Function/Knowledge/Productivity

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of responsibilities and expectations.
  2. Demonstrates organizational skills, and perform duties in a timely manner.
  3. Demonstrates knowledge and appropriate action in unexpected or emergent situations.
  4. Takes initiative in performing duties, mastering new skills, and helping co-workers when the needs arise.

Facility Policies

  1. Wears name badge while on duty.
  2. Ensures that job duties, doctor's orders, and charting are complete at the end of shift.
  3. Reviews and adheres to the policies and procedures of the facility.
  4. Adheres to timesheet policy with accurate documentation on the timesheet, verified by a supervisor.
  5. Maintains strict adherence to HIPAA regulations.
  6. Demonstrates respect for the patients and families, always being a patient advocate and respecting their rights.
  7. Patient education is provided and documented
  8. Locates emergency equipment in area (crash cart, fire extingquisher, etc.).

Patient Care

  1. Demonstrates clinical expertise and professionalism while 
    caring for the patient.
  2. Accepts and performs duties that are within competency level.
  3. Asks questions appropriately when unsure of a task or interpretation( doctor's order, lab values, etc.).
  4. Duties are performed in a timely manner.
  5. Accepts duties that are within age-specific competency.
  6. Reports observations, complaints and patient needs to the charge nurse or supervisor.
  7. Attends any in-services or updates required by facility.
  8. Utilizes equipment provided by the facility to ensure safe administration of medication.
  9. Reports for duty on time, gives a 2-hour notice If unable to report for duty, and at least a 30-minute notice if running late.
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